Terminal Emulator for XR

  • Multiple terminals
  • Keyboard operation
  • Windows / macOS / Linux / Others
  • WebXR / Node.js / A-Frame
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  Input from Keyboard, Operate the Reality.

This software is focused on operating computers with comfort in the XR space. You can use the full-futured Terminal Emulators which are managed by Keyboard-operation without any mouses or pointers. XR space provides the freedom of placing Terminal Emulators, you can layout them as you want and the working space is fully editable with A-Frame markup language on the fly.


This shows the basic interface of xrterm. XR space editing and command line operations are restricted.

Minimum requirements:
WebVR/WebXR compliant Web browser
Notice: Oculus Browser DOES NOT update screens in the scene.
Recommended requirements:
Firefox Reality, Physical Keyboard and VR/XR HMD


Source code!

 Build from Source code

Clone with HTTPS


  1. Install Node.js, NPM and Yarn.
  2. If you don't have OS-native build system, please install it.
  3. Clone master branch or download archive and extract it.
  4. $ git clone https://github.com/szk/xrterm.git
  5. Type from command prompt:
  6. $ cd xrterm
    $ yarn install
    $ yarn start
  7. Access http://localhost:8000/ with Web browser.